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Finding the Right App Within

Smartphones have been our companions for more than a decade-and-half and yet, none of us can justifiably claim that we know the different devices we may have owned during this period inside out. Why so? Because there’s only that much of it that we need to get through our days.

External Recommendations versus Internal Awareness

This is exactly how we deal with our own internal resources. There are any number of such resources within us, quietly biding time till…? Well, barring a few internal resources that we use all the time, there are any number that exist deep within us, waiting to be called upon to help us – maybe overcome a challenge or tide us through a tough phase.

Internal resources such as humour, creativity, energy, enthusiasm, patience, self-esteem, empathy, equanimity, trust, freedom and many more have been part of our existence from birth. Unaware of their existence, we seek these virtues outside of us, just like we keep adding more apps to our phones in the hope that the additional ones would be of more use than existing ones.

However, the irony is that each time we look outwards for a new resource, we push our existing ones a step down in our awareness. And then blame it on factors outside if we get impatient, or miss the humour or the creativity that might generate better outcomes to life’s challenges than a dogmatic response did.

Hark back to your childhood for a moment and recall events where you used these internal resources in abundance and to telling effect. How did you convince mom to feed you an extra chocolate or get dad to pay up for that excursion that you called a study tour? And yet, now these same resources seem distant. We look outside of us to rekindle these resources. Or seek outside help to resolve challenges that we were adept at doing.

And what causes this amnesia? Quite simply our nature our looking outside of us for solutions. We keep collecting apps from Play Store and seldom use it after the first few attempts. Our resources too are lying unused because our attention gets diverted to the new magic solution that smart advertisers promote regularly.

Each one of us is born with the power of the unconscious – the thread which ties all of us to Universal Source of Power. Looking for more power outside is what reduces the power within. Or I should say reduces our attention to the power within. Have a blessed day!

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